Saal Digital Fotobuch Erfahrungsbericht

  Saal Digital gab mir die Chance eins ihrer Fotobücher zu testen im Austausch für einen ehrlichen Erfahrungsbericht. Hierfür bekam ich einen 40€ Gutschein, den ich für ein Produkt aus dem gesamten Fotobuchsortiment verwenden konnte. […]

FotoCon Recap


I was among the lucky few who was able to attend the FotoCon , a relatively new Convention with the Focus on Photography, this year. The event is located in a small rural Town called Wlen in Poland and at first I was a bit skeptical when Ive gotten a mail by one of their Organizers promoting the event. An Event offering a opportunity to shoot with an international crowd in a variety of locations and for free to boost with?

Theres surely gotta be a catch right? Long Story Short: Nope!

Blog Redesign

I am currently in the middle of redesigning the Blog and you may encounter some hiccups along the way. Ill move most of my pictures into the Work section over time and this will be […]

Shooting with Mokona_freak as Roberta from Black Lagoon

Theres some weird fetish with maids out there, wich ill probably never understand… unless they kick some butt!

Black Lagoon is one of those series I absolutely adore for its style aswell as storytelling and I was thrilled when I heard that my good friend Mokona_freak was planning to cosplay half terminator,half Meido Roberta from it. I was thinking really hard where I could possibly Shoot such an arse kicking babe and luckily Octowana gave me a hint and youll see the results below the Jump!

Leipzig Book Fair ( LBM ) 2015


The Leipzig book fair is my personal start into the Convention Season and if this years fair is any indication for things to come then its going to be a spectacular year. I really enjoyed myself this time and had the opportunity to shoot (and goof) with some pretty talented people. I had a pretty good time and I hope the pictures show it in their own way.

While its the fourth time I am attending the LBM it was the first time I decided to handle things a little bit different than usual to get a bit more of a fresh take on things.

More Rambling right after the start!

Mitsuru Kirijo Shooting with Vandrob

As usual I am very bad at posting anything in my blog but after ive updated WordPress and my Theme to the newest Version so I thought i should give it another try. Lets call it a very, very late new years resolution, shall we?

If everything works out as planned you should be able to click a link at the end of every post and be able to convieniently look at all pictures from a shooting/event without the hassle of navigating the site.

This year had a rather slow start for me thanks to some personal obligations I had  so i started into this Cosplay rather late with my friend Vandrob and her Persona Cosplay.

More after my first shoot this year after the jump!