Leipzig Book Fair ( LBM ) 2015


The Leipzig book fair is my personal start into the Convention Season and if this years fair is any indication for things to come then its going to be a spectacular year. I really enjoyed myself this time and had the opportunity to shoot (and goof) with some pretty talented people. I had a pretty good time and I hope the pictures show it in their own way.

While its the fourth time I am attending the LBM it was the first time I decided to handle things a little bit different than usual to get a bit more of a fresh take on things.

More Rambling right after the start!

First thing I did different this time is set me a goal of X Cosplayers to photograph each day since ive become sort of lazy the last few months and couldnt get myself to talk to cosplayers I havent met before. This may also be due to the fact that many cosplayers these days usually dont cosplay things I like or have a connection with. I do know that many photographers only need a visual connection with a beautifully crafted cosplay but for me that never made me want to photograph something I cant connect with otherwise.

That Cosplayer counter wasnt meant to be a definite thing I have to adhere to but rather a soft kick in the butt to remind me to leave my comfort zone. I swear I didnt have a list I did tick off xD

LBM2015 (16 von 139)
Sometimes Cosplayers turn out to be people you photographed before though xD

Second thing I decided on is to try to bring more variety into my pictures. I think I can say that I have a pretty good grip on gritty pictures with more dramatic lighting and colours. While I love shooting these kind of pictures and come together pretty well with my prefered taste in Manga/Anime, you sometimes need something different.

Thats why I tried to take some more glamourous, beauty focused shots during the convention to bring some more variety into my pictures. The fact that the LBM is located inside the trade fair building and therefore without any sudden gusts of wind gave me the opportunity to use my Triflector from Lastolite which I use way to seldom.

Picture by Thomas Felix
Picture by Thomas Felix

Its a pretty nifty little tool for Half-Body or Facial portraits that gives people beautiful skin and really sweet reflections in their eyes. I was really lucky to be able to grab it on sale about 2 years ago. I wish id be more portable and operatable though since you defintely need an Assistant if you dont wanna run around like a headless chicken.

LBM2015 (108 von 139)
Behold the Power of the Triflector! – Mokona_freak


Oooooh look at those eyes!
Oooooh look at those eyes! – Emiray

As probably most of you know the glass hall of the fair is pretty crowded, especially during the weekend, and offers very limited space which made full body shots very hard and another great reason to have the triflector at my hands.

Ive mentioned it before in a different post but I rediscovered the Love for my nifty fifty last fall and still am in Love with it. While a Zoom Lens is a great asset you cant beat the reliability and sharpness of that lil bugger.

So did I actually success in taking less gritty pictures? I cant call it a success nor failure xD

I think I did alot better than usual but in the end I cant let my fingers of those darker images ^^;;;


BOOM! - Emiray
BOOM! – Emiray


My trusty light stand decided to die on me on sunday in a most curious way: the thread of one of the screws unwinded itself out of the plastic casing of the stand and makes it rather useless now that its wibbly wobbly. D:


Atleast it died an honorable death by illuminating two cosplayers Ive met during last years Connichi and convinced me once more with their Cowboy Bebop Cosplays

Cigarette Kissu! - Klingoni and Origami-kun
Cigarette Kissu! – Klingoni and Origami-kun

Geez, Cowboy Bebop  is pretty old school by now eh? You know what else is oldschool? Lucas Arts Adventures and imagine my joy when I came across this famed pirate which was accompanied by a three headed monkey:

LBM2015 (18 von 139)

From Oldschool Adventures it isnt far to todays Visual Novel Style Adventures like the Zero Escape series from which I came across a Virtues Last Reward Group. I couldnt believe that the old dude is de facto only 17 years old. Rather thought hed be in his early twenties xD

LBM2015 (91 von 139)
Virtues Last Reward Group –


I was shooting some friends and got lucky because they knew a Cosplayer of FemShep who dropped by to talk a bit with them. I used that Opportunity to to grab Commander Sheppard and take a few pictures with her. Wish she had some more time ~

LBM2015 (63 von 139)


Theres so many more great Cosplayers and shots I could show here but I dont wanna clutter up this Post with just pictures and nothing to say about them so Ill just give you one more picture of the genderbender One Piece Steam Punk Group. Their Costumes were designed by the talented Zwillingsnadel and you can only grasp at all the details that went into these costumes.

As a matter of fact I tried to guess what these cosplays were going to be when it still was a secret project and I only knew that it  had a nautical connection and I ruled out One Piece as first thing because that would be too obvious wouldnt it? Obviously not ! xD

LBM2015 (36 von 139)2
Zorro and Sanji – Emiray and Zwillingsnadel


Check out many more Pictures in the Gallery!






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