Mitsuru Kirijo Shooting with Vandrob

As usual I am very bad at posting anything in my blog but after ive updated WordPress and my Theme to the newest Version so I thought i should give it another try. Lets call it a very, very late new years resolution, shall we?

If everything works out as planned you should be able to click a link at the end of every post and be able to convieniently look at all pictures from a shooting/event without the hassle of navigating the site.

This year had a rather slow start for me thanks to some personal obligations I had  so i started into this Cosplay rather late with my friend Vandrob and her Persona Cosplay.

More after my first shoot this year after the jump!

Vandrob asked me if id be willing to shoot her cosplay from last year since no opportunity for some real pictures arose last year and it is the perfect time of the year for such a warm cosplay. I must admit I dont have any Persona knowledge besides the Arc System Works BEMU Persona 4 Arena but luckily shes a total Persona nut.

We decided to take the pictures in a close industrial area since it would be the most fitting scenery we could think of thatd be easy accessible.When they day came it was really freaking cold which was pretty good for Vandrob but since im a total pussy when it comes to the cold I had to suffer quite a bit since i didnt dress appropriately. Its kinda hard to take sharp pictures when youre shaking like a tree xD

Mitsuru (9 von 9)

Luckily I had assistance from Sunny and Von Nao ( who took some behind the scenes pictures) which were a great aid since it was quite a bit windy that day and my lightning equipment loves to be blown away by the wind and its always nice to have a hand that sets the flash for you. Even though I had such great help I must admit it wasnt really my day and I had way too many unsharp pictures. Guess I started rusting over the winter ^^;;

After a few tries with my 24-70mm lens I switched over to my 50 mm and got atleast some decent pictures. Over the last few months I started to rediscover my love for the nifty fifty. I totally forgot what a reliable lens it is and I can promise you some more pictures in the future that I absolutely love and were taken with it.

Mitsuru (2 von 9)

Ive got to say Vandrob improved over the last year alot when I remember the first pictures I took with her. Its so hard to get warm with someone and the creative juices flowing. Its only natural to be absolutely nervous and a bit stiff infront of the camera for the first few times and by now shes improved quite a bit!

Talking about improving yourself… I absolutely love taking pictures with my good friends and I am most of the time happy with the pictures ( unless i fuck up ) but another thing I plan for this year is to be a bit more open and ask some people I dont primarily take pictures with to shoot with me. You start to end up in a pretty comfort zone when sticking to the people and things you know. And I tend to discover that when I am taking pictures with someone I dont know that its quite hard to communicate what I want from them. I am so used to the fact that people know me and my style and were so worked in that i forget the basics sometimes.

Definetly have to work on that!

With the LBM 2015 just around the corner its time to turn that plan into reality!

Until further Blogposts youre invited to check other pictures I didnt post officialy in the Gallery Category

Check the Gallery for more pictures with Vandrob!

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