Shooting with Mokona_freak as Roberta from Black Lagoon

Theres some weird fetish with maids out there, wich ill probably never understand… unless they kick some butt!

Black Lagoon is one of those series I absolutely adore for its style aswell as storytelling and I was thrilled when I heard that my good friend Mokona_freak was planning to cosplay half terminator,half Meido Roberta from it. I was thinking really hard where I could possibly Shoot such an arse kicking babe and luckily Octowana gave me a hint and youll see the results below the Jump!


The shoot was thrilling in more than one way since weve taken these pictures in a lost place and it was a first time for the both of us. As it happens to be we are both also pretty big chicken hearts when it comes to these kind of activities and we were pretty tense throughout the shoot. Kinda lame when you realize that people go in and out there like its the normal thing to do on your sunday afternoon stroll. ^^;

Since the whole thing was rather sponatneous we didnt have an Assistant at hand and had to manage everything ourselves. Its a good thing that its rarely windy indoors eh? xD

Dont forget to take your medicine!
Dont forget to take your medicine!


Since we were talking fetishes in the beginning… Another thing I probably will never understand is that porn filmers seem to love to film in lost places. We didnt actively enocunter any of these but found the aftermath: bras, underpants etc. Weve met some teen boys and they told us quite shocked how they stumbled into a porn shooting further into the place where a granny was getting some eh treatment?  To each their own I guess ^^”

At first they thought were doing the same but when weve told them what were doing they were even asking for a picture. They do look a lil shy/shocked like a deer in headlights in the picture though. Guess they didnt expect us to say yes and that wed drag them infront of the camera! >D


Sometimes coincidence is your best friend!
Sometimes coincidence is your best friend!

I wish I could say this picture is the result of good planning but truth be told this is the result of the model slipping while spinning and it turned out to be the best picture out of the whole series. Sometimes you really have to be lucky  for that perfect shot.

I love working with two flashes but as usual I had to borrow a friends SB700 since I dont have enough moolah for a second one. I guess I should really go the cheapo way and buy a few from Yongnuo but then theres something inside of me that tells me that theyll break right out of the box giving my luck with tech. Currently I am even struggling a bit with my camera since Ive got some backfocus issues since a few weeks ago which shouldnt be that appearant in these pictures since theyre from last year. I hope I can fix these problems via fine tune otherwise ill have to shell out some cash for Nikons Service or plunge some real dough for a new DSLR.

Dont let that look fool you. Shes gonna make shish kebab out of anyone who opposes her.


Recapitulating this shooting (theres actually a second one in this place I am going to highlight another time) I think that I actually didnt manage to get all out of the location because of time constraints and us beeing scaredy cats. It probably offers alot more opportunities for some real nice pictures and who knows maybe ill take these one day.

It was a pretty interesting experience nevertheless!

Psycho Mode!
Psycho Mode!


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