Hi! I’m Blowfish

I am a Düsseldorf based photography enthusiast who found a way to combine my favorite things through photography. As a avid gamer, movie fan and connoisseur of japanese visual culture, I specialize in Cosplay photography and try to recreate the source materials mood as faithful as possible without too much Photoshop mumbo jumbo.

I appreciate the work and time a Cosplayer has put into creating the Outfit and its up to me to put him/her into the right light. Theres something beautiful about both parties giving their best to create that one image that has been stuck in the back of their mind and becomes possible through passion and teamwork. While taking the “perfect” picture is important, my top priority has and will always be making the whole affair fun. We are all driven by passion and this allows us to grow and motivate ourselves to reach that next level of awesomeness. It is okay to fail in the progress, just stand up again and do it better next time! Dont choke the engine thats driving all of us by taking things too seriously.

Do what makes you happy. Nothing more, nothing less.


Cohaku, Cos Culture Magazine.

I hope you enjoy your stay on my site and the work that I’m doing. Got something for me? Interested in working together? Get in touch.